Naturanda® products were created with the ultimate goal of esuring environmental sustainability without compromising beauty and utility.

we take extreme care at each stage of production, from sourcing natural and certified raw materials to reducing water footprint (used only reclaimed waters from other processes), futhermore, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emission such as CO2, we produce ourselves electrical and thermal energy from natural gas.

To produce products most safe, ecological and recyclable and compostable, it is necessary to look over the product by taking care of the environmental that surrounds us.
for this reason we support two important projects:

 - : a web platform that allows to planting a tree at long-distance and follow it online. Naturanda® has already planted 550 tree in 7 countries, contributing to compensate the greenhouse gas emission for the equivalent of 134.650 Kg (  )

-  : an initiative dedicated to promotion of Monte Pisano, in the heart of Tuscany, between Pisa and Lucca, the territory where our business is located.
Yet, over one year later from the fire that, in September 2018, destroyed 1.300 hectares of wood, Naturanda® supports this project through which you can adopt a tree in Monte Pisano wood and contribute to take care of this precious resource.


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