Sustainability is a choice we made with the understanding that the future has its roots in our present actions.

For this reason, our products are biodegradable and completely recyclable.

Thanks to the use of vegetable raw materials, our products can be reused after their life-cycle, returning to being a resource for other uses.

Our production has a low environmental footprint, safeguarding the natural resources, the key to achieving a long-term sustainable future for our planet.

Recyclability certification


Recyclability is the ability of a material to be re-used reducing the demand of virgin raw materials, preventing the destruction and wastage of precious material (…) http://www.comieco.org/media/sala-stampa/il-ciclo-della-carta.pdf


Biodegradation is the enzymatic disintegration of materials which can be consumed by microorganisms capable of decomposing them back into natural elements. Biodegradable matter is generally organic material that provides a nutrient for microorganisms through enzymatic decomposition. Biodegradation is part of the natural life-cycle on earth. http://www.focus.it/ambiente/ecologia/biodegradabile-non-e-compostabile-gli-errori-da-non-fare-nella-differenziata


Composting properties consist in the ability of a material to be decomposed and recycled, becoming compost by the process of composting. This process, through which we are willing to imitate the nature, is relevant for the recycling of organic waste from which it is possible to obtain the compost, an excellent natural fertilizer. http://www.focus.it/ambiente/ecologia/biodegradabile-non-e-compostabile-gli-errori-da-non-fare-nella-differenziata

European Norm 13432:

The European Norm 13432/2002 refers to a harmonized standard set forth by the European Standardisation Body to be met in order to claim that a product is biodegradable or compostable in the European marketplace. (We have already started the procedures necessary to obtain the certification).


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